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Dela Technology has excellent relationships with over 1000 manufacturers of militaryDela Technology CorporationDela Technology Corporation
spare parts. We offer competitive pricing as well as in-house military packaging for
a wide array of end users. Our clients include Aerospace Military, US Coast Guard,
US Navy, US Marines, US Air Force as well as commercial and industrial facilities.
Dela Technology has the distinct honor of being the authorized military distributorDela Technology CorporationDela Technology Corporation
for CIRCOR AEROSPACE who is a highly respected leader in the Aerospace Industry.


Dela Technology - Circor

Dela Technology has represented CIRCOR AEROSPACE as their authorized military
distributor for over 2 decades; we have over a dozen long-term federal contracts in
place, as well as numerous standing orders for OEM. Our inventory of CIRCOR
valves and regulators is by far the largest in North America with over $400,000.00
of military spare parts in stock and ready to ship. CIRCOR Aerospace is an industry
leader with primary focus areas of fluid controls: aircraft hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic,
and waste water systems; actuation systems: landing gear, miscellaneous
actuation, brake and steering control, and hydraulic power packs.Circor Aerospace

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